A Brief Overview of Sigma Xi at Brown

Sigma Xi at Brown  pic

Sigma Xi at Brown
Image: brown.edu

Before his retirement as a surgeon, Terry McEnany, MD, held membership to more than 20 medical clubs and groups from 1976 to 1994. When Terry McEnany attended Brown University, he also was inducted into Sigma Xi.

Established in 1900, Sigma Xi at Brown University consists of professors, instructors, students, and graduates who strive to advance science and engineering. An individual must show significant achievement or a capacity for research in either field to earn a nomination for membership.

The goals of Sigma Xi at Brown include: providing national research for students; helping students to network and connect with scientists; and expanding the opportunities for research grants. Sigma Xi serves as a support group where participants help guide and encourage each other through their intensive work, as well as provide and share resources to help advance human knowledge.

Nominated faculty or alumni can earn full membership, while associate members are usually junior and senior undergraduates. Graduate students either can be nominated as associate or full members. Each university department may nominate prospective members in February, with an induction ceremony following in May.


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